Tree Removal

Oakland COUNTY Michigan

Tree Removal


When tree removal is necessary you can be assured that Hartland Tree Service can remove any tree efficiently and safely, no matter what the size or location of the tree may be.


The following information will help you to understand the removal process as well as options in tree removal that may help to better fit your budgeting preference.



When Hartland Tree Service is contracted to remove a tree(s) for you our standard removal includes the disposal of the limbs, cutting the firewood to 16" lengths that will be left on site, and removal of the vast majority of the rakings associated with the removal. The wood is left at the area of the removal; it is not split nor stacked unless an estimate for such services is requested. The wood can be cut in different lengths, but an additional charge may be incurred. An estimate can also be provided for the removal of the wood if requested. If you would like, we may provide you with a list of individuals that periodically contact us looking for firewood. These individuals are in no way affiliated with Hartland Tree Service and therefore we cannot guarantee their work, professionalism or status of coverage.



A down only tree removal consists of safely taking the tree down either in the form of multiple pieces, and when the situation allows, in one piece. The tree is then left on the ground where it comes down. There is no cleanup, cutting of firewood, or removal of limb material. This option is the least expensive and might be the perfect fit for the budget conscious property owner looking to reduce costs.



The final option to you is a low impact removal. This task is done by lowering all sections to the ground and, then removing them from the site in small sections to reduce drag damage to lawn or bedding flowers. A crane may sometimes be needed to perform this type of work. You can expect this work to be more costly than a standard removal. For this reason, this method is only used when specifically requested.


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